Optimal Audio software release allows users to ‘test drive’ its WebApp tool

Optimal Audio has announced a Desktop Demo mode for is WebApp, the digital backbone of the audio manufacturer’s controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers.

System integrators can use WebApp to configure a system of multiple zones in a venue and provide their client with an interface to control the sound system. The Desktop Demo provides access to WebApp without the need for a Zone hardware unit.

It is available on PC and Mac, offers an interactive experience of WebApp, and allows users to get to grips with the tool.

Matt Rowe, head of engineering at Optimal, said: "Similar to test driving a new car, gaining hands-on experience and familiarity with the features of a car builds confidence in making the right purchase decision. In the same vein, the introduction of the WebApp Desktop Demo enables individuals with a PC or Mac to take it for a spin by setting up various zones and sources, adjusting faders and creating routines, without requiring a Zone hardware unit."

The WebApp Desktop Demo incorporates the of the latest features from the most recent release of WebApp 1.1 and the Demo app will also get updated with any future release of WebApp.

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