Optimal Audio launches WebApp 1.1 with BluOS control API integration

Optimal Audio has debuted its WebApp 1.1 with the integration of Bluesound’s BluOS control API to control Bluesound Professional audio devices.

The integration allows built-in network-connected streaming and music management controls for use in commercial audio spaces.

Optimal Audio’s webapp is designed as the backbone to the company’s ecosystem of controllers, amplifiers and loudspeakers, enabling integrators to configure an entire system of multiple zones in a venue.

The integration allows Bluesound Professional streaming music devices, including the B100S and B400S, to provide a scalable system for venues requiring up to four playback streams.

Routines can be configured within WebApp to automate streaming preset recall and volume control for a specified time, day and zone. The API integration also allows WebApp to play, pause or skip a track, displaying song artwork for an improved end-user experience.

A client configuration tool has also been added to improve security and simplify the operation of connections such as mobiles or tablets.

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