Onelan targets international markets

Onelan has expanded language options on its Net-Top-Box solutions, with seven key language interfaces included on version 6.1. The Henley-on-Thames, UK based digital signage specialist hopes the new version will boost its standing in international markets.

Users can choose between English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic and Japanese.

Onelan says native language interface is the cornerstone to delivering a solution that will be quick to learn and easy to use.

The software release also addresses the need for displaying foreign character sets, dates and clocks correctly on screen. This ranges from diacritic marks, for example a circumflex in French, to an Arabic text RSS feed crawling in the proper left to right direction (the opposite to Latin based languages).

Internationalisation is actually more complex that it might first seem the company claims, explaining that for the seven key languages there were sixty-five country variations.

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