Onelan demos Cyclone Android player at ISE

Onelan demonstrated its Cyclone Android player and Enterprise Content Management System at ISE in Amsterdam, January 31 to February 1, 2012.

Cyclone was used to drive content to traditional digital signage players, websites and shelf edge screens.

The company also showed off its QR code generator, which allows the use of QR codes in digital signage applications. This can be combined with Onelan’s Ad Hoc content management interface to allow users to select content relevant to them or add messages.

A videowall, made up of Samsung 46" displays and driven by a Onelan NTB 6000 and a Datapath X4 controller, dominated one side of the stand.

The company also showed off an HDCP compliant HD Capture Solution suitable for bars, cafés, gyms, hotels and live events. The solution combines HD TV/video with multizone layout designs.

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