OneLAN brings TV to the desktop

The new TV Gateway (TVG) product from ONELAN Digital Signage enables delivery of live Freeview content to desktop PCs.

Using Multicast streaming technology, up to 40 radio and TV channels can be delivered live to every desktop across your local office network. Multicast technology delivers multiple video streams to the desktop while reducing the impact on performance for existing network applications. This reduces the risk of network disruption and enables simplified deployment of the TVG on any modern network infrastructure, while happily coexisting with current business operations.

The TVG provides a cost effective way of delivering multi-channel content to users in a range of scenarios including improving reception and communal areas, delivering key sporting and entertainment events to clients and customers and allowing employees to watch Freeview content in a managed environment.

A single TVG can light up an entire campus network with any number of DVB-T TV and radio channels.

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