Omron showcases people recognition sensor for digital signage at ISE 2020

Omron Electronic Components Europe is demonstrating its second-generation body detection, face detection and face recognition solution at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (Booth 8-G353). The Omron team will be on hand to discuss the sensor’s unique features and exciting applications in digital signage, home and office automation and security.

With an integrated camera and image processing board, the Omron Human Vision Component HVC-P2 offers 10 times the recognition speed of its predecessor. The HVC-P2 is a development of the Omron OKAO Vision Software, which has already been used in over 500 million digital cameras, mobile phones and surveillance robots globally. It features ten image sensing functions including body detection, face recognition, hand detection, age estimation, gender estimation and expression estimation. Although the software can recognise a face up to 3 metres away, it still gives a useful confidence figure alongside its results, which can be viewed through a UART or USB interface. This impressive distance is not limited to facial recognition and the module can also detect a human body up to 17m away or a hand 6m away.

The sensor has already been used to great success by a digital marketing company to provide in-store tailored content to customers, which subsequently enabled retailers to track their improved performance metrics. The company also combined the built-in camera and processor with its own additional algorithms, allowing them the flexibility required to collect valuable customer analytics data using their own software.

The HVC sensor is far from the only product that Omron will be showcasing at their stand. The 2JCE Environmental Sensor will also be present, which can monitor temperature, humidity, light, UV, barometric pressure, noise, seismic and air quality (VOC gas). This data can be accumulated for approximately 3 months (based on a communication frequency of once every 5 mins) and can be connected to multiple devices, via Bluetooth 5.0. Also on show will be the Omron D6T MEMS Thermal Sensors, offering the widest field of view that Omron has ever delivered. The sensor can view across 90.0 by 90.0 and can capture a vision of a whole room from a single point, with the ability to warn of dangerously high temperatures in machinery.      

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