OCA Alliance previews updated AES70 device control standard at ISE 2022

The OCA Alliance has debuted It’s AES70-22 device control standard at ISE 2022, a standard for control between audio equipment.

The standard allows control to be Implemented between a manufacturer's devices and those of other manufacturers in a standardised, open setup. 

The AES70-2022 release will be upwards-compatible from the current AES70-2018 version, offering Improvements and new features along with several documentation upgrades for Improved clarity and readability. 

The update Includes a dataset mechanism for devices to exchange data blocks with controllers, with block size limited by Implementation. AES70-2022 will define several types of datasets, with manufacturers able to add their own datasets as required. 

Controllers can also manage device audio file recording, playback and storage. 

Additionally, a logging mechanism Is Included, enabling controllers to retrieve logs generated by a device In any format. Command set mechanisms are Included for storing predefined control command sequences In devices, executing them on request, at scheduled times or at specified positions. 

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