Nureva launches HDL410 audio conferencing system

Nureva has released the first of its new generation of Nureva audio conferencing systems, designed to bring intelligible audio to large hybrid spaces.

The HDL410 combines two Nureva microphone and speaker bars with a new connect module, powered by Microphone Mist technology and a unified coverage map to deliver intelligible audio in large working and learning spaces up to 10.7x16.8 metres. 

The unified coverage map enables the microphone and speaker bars to act as a single device with a single coverage map that spans the entire space to improve audio performance and sound location data accuracy for camera switching and steering. 

A Console Direct feature provides a secure, continuous connection between the HDL410 system and Nureva Console, enabling IT managers to manage the HDL410 remotely without an in-room computer running client software. 

Users get access to remotely install firmware updates, check device status, view analytics and historical data, as well as change settings and access APIs from the Nureva Developer Toolkit. 

An audience mute feature is also available within Nureva’s voice amplification mode to focus microphone pickup on the presenter or instructor’s voice while reducing other microphone pickup in the space. 

The HDL410 connects via USB and can be installed and operational in one hour with no DSP required. Bar mounting on a wall can be achieved with two screens and continuous autocalibration while Microphone Mist technology handles echo cancellation, noise reduction, position-based gain control and the challenges of multiple in-room participants speaking at once. 

Additionally, the HDL410 can integrate with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, as the HDL410 undergoes the certification process for Microsoft Teams. 

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