Nureva expands Span with customisable templates

Nureva has added customisable, intelligent templates to its Span software in the first step of a number of intelligent features set for release in the collaboration tool.

The templates mean that, for example, paper-based templates or physical project boards commonly used in sprint planning, Kanban and pull planning can be transformed into customisable digital templates within a Span canvas. 

Images, such as an overhead view of a property development site, can be transformed into an intelligent template that is divided into colour coded zones for visual review or managing project progress. Users can create intelligent templates from documents produced in applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel and automatically assign colour to notes that are placed within groups and subgroups. This is designed to provide users with rich project information at a glance. 

Users will also be able to customise stock templates currently available in Span software, such as SWOT analysis and fishbone diagrams. 

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