NTi launches FX100 Flexus Audio Analyser

NTi Audio says its FX100 Flexus Audio Analyser is based on a modular concept and can offer flexible configurations.

The unit is suitable for research and development and high-speed production testing applications.

The modular hardware concept allows customisation for two or four parallel channel operation. The impedance module supports speaker measurements for obtaining impedance plots and Thiele-Small-parameters. Individual input switcher and output switcher modules extend the audio analyzer to 14 input channels or 14 output channels connected simultaneously. The FX-Control suite operates several FX100 in parallel thus offering cascaded system measurements.

The Flexus Audio Analyser acquires all measurement functions in parallel. Measurement technologies comprise fast glide sweeps (Farina sweep), detailed stepped sweeps and a continuous meter mode.

It has a level range from 1 μV - 200 Vp paired with a typical THD+N of -104 dB.

The analyser offers a frequency range from 5 Hz up to 80 kHz and simultaneous measurement of the DC voltage.

The high-resolution FFT with 192 kHz sampling rate presents a detailed analysis of the audio frequency spectrum. FFT graph panels may be customised showing one or more traces in the same panel simultaneously.

Detailed R&D measurements are supported with Frequency, Amplitude, Time and Table Sweeps, which may trigger with internal or external signals.

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