NTi bolsters XL2 analyser

NTi Audio is offering a free update to its XL2 Audio and Acoustic Analyser that includes a new scope function.

The firmware V1.12 update allows wav-file logging, voice note recording, a scope function and automated user calibration. All customers may upgrade XL2s for free now.

NTi Audio measurement microphones M4260 and M2210 include an electronic data sheet, thus the XL2 recognises the factory-entered sensitivity of these microphones automatically. The new XL2 features add an automated user calibration from an external precision sound calibrator. This allows accurate sensitivity verification before any sound level measurement. During the user calibration the XL2 writes the measured sensitivity additionally onto the electronic data sheet of the M4260 or M2210 itself, so all later measurements utilise the user sensitivity.

The new scope function displays the wave form of the electrical input signal.

Further new XL2 features include an extended polarity measurement for subwoofers in the frequency range below 100 Hz, an automated FFT measurement reports generator, various additional sound level values, and a user defined limit indication for sound levels.

The XL2 firmware V1.12 is available for free download now www.nti-audio.com/XL2

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