NTi Audio updates audio analysers

NTi Audio has unveiled its MR-PRO and XL2 audio analyser instruments, featuring new MR-PRO test signals and a measurement function in the XL2, with the two signals containing a one second and a four second cyclic pink noise which the XL2 can calculate a measurement result in real time.

The pink noise has been shaped to allow for the frequency response being flat within one and four seconds respectively, with the feature allowing the XL2 analyser to determine frequency response of the device under test with 1/12th octave resolution. 

Users are required to download Nti Audio’s „Fastpnk1“ or „Fastpnk 4“ test signals, with the installation of new ‚EQ1‘ or ‚EQ4‘ measurement functions on an XL2 audio analyser. 


The new functions are available with the XL2 spectral limits option from XL2 firmware V4.30 or higher. 

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