nsign.tv launches new version of SaaS communication platform

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform nsign.tv has focused on usability in a redesign of its omnichannel communication platform.

A new version of the platform includes optimisation of nsign.tv’s tool panel layout that has been rearranged and includes new modules in the side menu for improved accessibility and more intuitive navigation.


The latest version also includes a widgets module with its own web functionalities to streamline and improve interactions with physical audiences. Instagram feeds can be included in playlists and QR codes can be generated. In addition to creating tickers, a tool for writing and broadcasting personalised messages on any playlist has been added.


Another new feature is the people flows module, where people flow management tools such as capacity control, multi-queue manager and single line are grouped, functionalities natively integrated into the same platform.


The automation module now incorporates a new concept of smart templates, Applets, to dynamically change content and save time and production costs. These are micro-applications that run from the platform to change and/or update content automatically from an external source.


nsign.tv is compatible with any operating system and can be used on any type of device, including on screens, videowalls, smartphones, tablets, totems, LEDs, projectors and laptops; while integrating into digitalisation projects through AI, big data and IoT.

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