NowSignage develops people counting digital signage

NowSignage has debuted its people counting digital signage, developed in partnership with Philips Professional Display Solutions to manage in-store capacity during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Real-time capacity data can be shown on digital signage screens in a variety of locations with Android SOC used across the Philips digital display range. 

The people counting system can be used with the full range, including the 16/7 and 2/7 usage models as well as videowall and high brightness models with up to 2,500 nits. 

Used with an installed people counting sensor at entrances and exits of a premises, a live data stream can be created for real-time updates, visualising when maximum capacity has been reached and automatically opening and closing entrances/exists when capacity allows. 

Users can activate the ‘Capacity Management’ app within a NowSignage account to add camera locations, set the capacity limits for each location, customise your dashboards and apply real-time people counting dashboards to digital signage. 

Data can also be exported including capacity trend reports, providing marketing and commercial analysis.

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