Not another line array

Tannoy has announced the VQ Series - an expanding range of loudspeakers designed for any application where precise directional control, outstanding
sonic performance, and high SPL's are critical issues.

Utilising precision engineering and design, the VQ series can produce enough power and clarity to be used individually, maintaining the aesthetics of buildings, unlike line array solutions.
VQ incorporates a unique driver technology to radiate a coherent single point source (400Hz – 23kHz) for superior pattern control when coupled to a Point Source Waveguide (PSW™). This advanced design aligns the acoustical centres of the transducers providing a single coherent wavefront emanating from the throat. The MF/HF transducer loads into a large proprietary designed common horn (Patent pending). This technology allows us to maintain the specified beamwidth to within a +/-5 degree tolerance.
Tannoy VQ delivers a huge performance advantage when compared to acoustic sources which consist of an HF compression driver and separate midrange driver each with their own horn. With VQ there is no interference between the midrange and high frequency at the crossover point in the vertical plane.
VQ’s high sensitivity ensures exceptional SPL levels can be achieved with a very modest amount of amplifier power. As an example, the VQ60 will produce 115dB for 1 Watt; and 138dB (144dB peak) for only 200 Watts of amplifier power.

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