Next Audiocom releases compact digital stereo mixer

Next Audiocom has introduced M1, a compact and lightweight 4-channel digital stereo mixer with Bluetooth.

The M1 can be used as a traditional mixer or as a USB audio interface. It incorporates 99 effects, phantom power (+48V), high-pass filter, EQ (bass, mid and treble), Hi-Z, line input, Bluetooth (v5.0) and direct play/recording from/to USB stick.

It can be used as USB Audio interface for sound-reinforcement and recording of small performances, online podcasts, lectures and similar applications for a range of users including musicians, DJs, producers, internet broadcasters, gamers, and educators. It can also record directly to a USB stick.

The M1 Digital Stereo Mixer is USB powered, enabling power through a power bank or a battery-powered speaker with power bank function (such as MV6 or MV3). It is robust and weighs less than 600g. The integrated DSP supports dedicated presets for different situations.

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