NEXT Audiocom introduces T Series loudspeaker

NEXT Audiocom has debuted its IP65 T series two-way loudspeakers, featuring a built-in 100V transformer and eight Ohms power tap.

The T series includes the T4 loudspeaker (four-in LF transducer and 0.8-in dome tweeter), the T6 (six-in LF driver with a one-in HF driver) abd tge T8 (eight-in LF transducer and one-in HF driver).

T loudspeakers are equipped with a four-positions (IN+/IN- and LINK+/LINK-) Phoenix connector located on the back plate, with a screw connector to wire the system and allow the speaker to fit wall shapes with minimised visible cabling.

A back cover is included to permit the speaker to endure rain or humid environments, with all T series loudspeakers available in black and white colours.

Each T series loudspeaker includes a steel U-bracket with a hot-dip galvanisation, with other wall brackets featuring pan and tilt options available for the T series.

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