Nexo focuses on concert sound at PLASA

Nexo's focus at PLASA 2012 will be on its concert sound loudspeakers, as well as the intelligent amplifiers that power them.

Four loudspeaker families will be on show, the STM modular line array cabinets, the GEO S12 compact line array, the N-12 stage monitors and the PS series.

Also on show, and taking centre stage on the booth will be the NUAR Nexo universal amp rack. This is a scalable amplification solution suitable for all Nexo loudspeaker systems. It contains two NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, a new digital patch unit, and output patch panel and a new digital meter unit. It also features a digital input patch panel for digital communication with the NXAMP and an optional DANTE or EtherSound network card.

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