Nexcom releases OPS media player

Nexcom has launched the NDiS M323, an OPS-compliant 1080P media player that integrates advanced graphics capability and remote manageability to bring premium features to budget users.

Based on the Intel Celeron Processor J1900 (formerly codenamed "Bay Trail"), the NDiS M323 features quad-core Intel architecture processor, accelerated multimedia performance, OPS-compliant form factor, remote maintenance and repair function, and peripheral expansion. This OPS media player is designed to facilitate the adoption and management of interactive media solutions ranging from digital signage to digital whiteboard.

To enhance system responsiveness, Nexcom has built NDiS M323 with quad-core SoC Intel Celeron Processor J1900 integrated with Intel Gen 7 Graphics. This 1080P media player supports Microsoft DirectX 11 and broad video formats.

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