Nexcom launches quad head player

Nexcom’s NDiS 542 is a quad head media player, which can support four independent DVI/Audio outputs. Powered by Intel Core2 Duo/Core2 Quad series processors and S3 4500E GPUs, NDiS 542 can smoothly playback even the most graphic intensive of media including full HD video.

NDiS 542 can be utilized in a variety of multi-screen deployments which would usually require four separate HD media players. This important feature reduces hardware/software procurement costs, electricity consumption and cabling. For added versatility, content can either be independent or cloned and can be displayed in any direction (portrait or landscape) giving users the opportunity to maximize impact.

The unit is also equipped with dual GbE Ethernet with optional wireless connectivity, TV Tuner, 4 x USB and 3.5” HDD drive bay for storage.

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