NewTek unveils Spark Plus IO converters

NewTek has expanded its range of Spark Plus IO converters with the NewTek Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI.

The NewTek Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI can encode and decode 12G-SDI sources to and from IP-friendly NDI up to 2160p resolution.

The converter can connect to 12G-SDI cameras or devices, converting the video signal to NDI and sharing with any compatible system, device or application anywhere on a network, including UHD screens, monitors, projectors or video walls.

The NewTek Spark Plus IO 12G-SDI can also turn legacy 12G-SDI enabled output devices into an NDI signal on the network by using the decode functionality, with setup requiring one Ethernet cable.

A web-based interface also allows configuration and monitoring from a desktop or mobile browser, as well as tally support via NDI and the option to mount onto cameras.

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