NewTek debutes CaptureCast NDI-native lecture capture system

NewTek, part of the Vizrt Group, has announced CaptureCast, a multi-input, multi-room recording and live streaming system for remote and hybrid learning.

Fully autonomous, CaptureCast doesn’t require a dedicated operator leaving teachers more time, attention, and energy for their students. CaptureCast uses NDI to connect to camera apps on mobile, software screen capture, and thousands of compatible devices like PTZ cameras. Using NDI, CaptureCast also incorporates direct connection with video communication applications including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, among others.

CaptureCast allows remote learners to access content in real-time and rewatch and review on-demand. It records any live devices such as cameras, mics, tablets, document cameras, and nearly any digital teaching device offering HD video out. 

CaptureCast can also take any live capture and instantaneously replicate it across education and streaming platforms to empower remote learners to switch between viewpoints, cameras, or screens to completely personalise, and take control of their learning experience and interact with content as if they were in the room – live or on-demand.

CaptureCast ensures every single session is enriched with metadata; tagging keywords, pulling data from slide decks, and spoken word which is made available to learners to better access the content and jump straight to what they are looking for.

Every teacher, course, and classroom can have varying issues operating classroom recording and live streaming on an ongoing basis. To solve this challenge, CaptureCast automates the entire record-stream-enrichment process. It moves between different set-ups for any given class, to a pre-programmed schedule or timetable, and intelligently maps the captured content to common learning or content management systems – all without any input from teaching or IT staff. Each set-up can be customised to any style of lecture, speaker, or for totally exceptional and out-of-the-box learning experiences. 

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