NewTek and Panasonic preview IP video signage technology at InfoComm 2018

At InfoComm 2018, NewTek unveiled an NDI signage demonstration designed to direct any video and audio source to any monitor on a standard gigabit network. Combining NewTek’s NDI Studio Monitor software with industry standard signage allows the addition of another stream as a separate overlay.

Monitors and sources can be managed with a web application from any networked laptop, tablet or phone. This demonstration shows the capability to direct any AV source and any overlay to any monitor with ease and efficiency over IP while spotlighting creative possibilities and cost-saving opportunities for AV customers.

“Panasonic professional displays are used throughout AV signage installations and we are pleased to showcase a Panasonic signage display in conjunction with NewTek Studio Monitor software at InfoComm in the NewTek booth accepting IP Video sources including content and overlays all on a standard Ethernet network with NewTek’s NDI,” said Delix Joseph T. Alex, product manager of Camera Systems for Panasonic.

“We are excited to demonstrate with Panasonic how multiple content sources can be delivered and managed to signage displays through standard Ethernet,” says Michael Kornet, executive vice president and general manager for NDI at NewTek. “IP video is the right distribution method for AV customers.”

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