New wall-mount docking station

The new TPMC-8X-DSW Wall Mount Docking Station from Crestron offers a convenient charging solution for the TPMC-8X WiFi touchpanel while simultaneously enabling fully wired touchpanel operation.

While docked, the TPMC-8X is secured in place by an electronic latch and prohibits prying fingers or an accidental knock from dislodging it. The touchpanel lays flush within the wall mount docking station providing a sleek finish. When released, the mechanism gently extends the touchpanel outward, ready to be disengaged for wireless use. The built-in fingerprint scanner or pass code entry on the touchpanel can be used to prevent unintended removal. All functions of the docking station can also be controlled programmatically from the control system via Ethernet, and through Crestron's RoomView remote management software. A hardware key is provided to release the touchpanel from the docking station in the case of a power failure.

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