New visualisers from Wolfvision

WolfVision has begun shipping its latest VZ-P18 and VZ-P38 professional visualisers. The VZ-P18 has a 1CCD camera while the VZ-P38 features a 3CDD camera for even higher resolution of very detailed coloured objects.

The systems are designed primarily at the corporate presentation and training applications, and for higher education establishments.

Both new products offer features new to visualisers including a touch screen remote control with live image preview. By using radio transmission, the remote controls can be operated over 10 metres from the visualisers, allowing presenters to move around. A digital laser pointer operated from the remote control allows them to highlight specific images on the screen. Size and colour can also be altered from the control while their docking station on the two units also acts as a recharger and automatically updates the control’s firmware if the visualisers’ has been changed.