New triple output switch

Smart-e has added a new piece of kit to its SNX range of AV distribution equipment. The SNX-2114 allows the selection and transmission of three different multi-format video and audio inputs to a single display, such as a projector, laptop, DVD or TV screen and speakers.

The new equipment is HDTV compatible up to 1080p resolutions, and provides a flexible and comprehensive professional AV switching and distribution system that routes and distributes three multi-format video and audio inputs via a single CAT 5-type cable, to a remote output, located up to 300 metres away. Selection can be either manual via a simple push button or auto sensed through IR or RS232 passthrough control.
The SNX-2114 features stored RS232 codes for display control, microphone input override, selectable RGBHV, YPrPb, Y/C or CVBS, auto-sensing video input up to 1600 x 1200 resolutions and is connected via inexpensive and easy-to-install CAT 5 twisted pair cable. The new equipment provides high quality true stereo audio from three different video sources to a single display.

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