New signage products from Premier Mounts

Premier Mounts has expanded its UNI product line by combining its powerful audio system, a flat-panel mount and UNI-UST in a single unit, the UNI-DS+AUDIO.

The new product enhances digital signage video messages with powerful, high-quality stereo sound. Digital signage components may be stored in the integrated GearBox. A tilt and swivel flat panel mount is attached to a stylish extension arm, which gives the monitor a horizontal swivel range of +/- 40o.

The new mount is great for public venues including retailers and museums to hotel conference centres to small and large event venues. It delivers exceptional audio clarity with the functionality and peace of mind that comes from mounting technology innovator Premier Mounts.

Designed with an acoustically balanced stereo speaker system that includes 5.25” woofers, directional tweeters and an energy-efficient 50 Watt amplifier, the UNI-DS+AUDIO’s dynamic audio system distributes sound powerfully and evenly. It also supports multiple audio inputs.

The mount incorporates a patent-pending GearBox in its base plate to safely enclose not only the amplifier and its power supply, but also third party streaming media players, network adapters and other A/V components.

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