New projectors for business use

Hitachi has announced the launch of four models within the family of multipurpose LCD projectors based on the C14 chassis.

The range is topped with the 3500(lm) CP-X450 which shares its ultra long maintenance characteristics with the CP-X301, CP-X306 and CP-X401.
A new hybrid filter and long life lamp mean that all four models will operate without scheduled maintenance for 4000 hours under normal usage conditions, significantly reducing the lifetime costs of the projectors.
This Hitachi family is designed to meet the projection requirements of a wide range of business and learning environments.
The new CP-X301 and CP-X306 offer the same 2600(lm) performance and usability features as the CP-X300 and CP-X305 that they replace, but with the addition of the extended maintenance intervals offered by the hybrid filter and long life lamp. The CP-X401 delivers the same "virtually zero maintenance" schedule but with a performance level of 3000(lm) replaces the CP-X400.

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