New line of Barco Series-II cinema projectors

Barco has unveiled a line of Series-II digital cinema projectors, based on DLP Cinema technology. The six new Series-II projectors are designed to offer solutions for a wide-range of theatres.

For small and mid-size film theatres, there is a dedicated line of compact DP2K 'C-series' projectors, based on Texas Instruments' 0.98” DLP Cinema chip. Within this C-series, the portfolio includes individual models for screens up to 12, 15 and 20 metres wide. For larger venues, Barco unveiled the DP2K 'B-series', integrating TI's 1.2” DLP Cinema chip. Dedicated models are available for screens up to 19 and 23 metres wide. Barco's flagship for the large chip range is its DP2K-32B, handles screens up to 32 meters wide. All six projectors are fully compliant with DCI and SMPTE specifications.

The new products are designed with a sealed optical engine to prevent dust from intruding in the DLP Cinema chip.

All of Barco's new cinema projectors share a common modular platform. Depending on the exhibitor's preferred system configuration, the DP2K-series can be set up with either an integrated or external media block.

All DP2K projectors come with Barco's Communicator software. The system features an intelligent 'Diagnostics Companion' functionality, which, in case of a technical issue, guides operators through a number of steps to determine and solve the problem.

The Barco DP2K-series uses standard short-arc bulbs available from multiple suppliers.

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