New large format ceiling speakers

The Tannoy CMS 1201DC is a powerful large format in-ceiling loudspeaker device conceived, designed and built to complement Tannoy’s existing CMS range. The CMS 1201DC is engineered from the ground up with full-range performance in mind to handle demanding distributed sound applications such as ballrooms, shopping malls, sports halls, airports and other high ceiling installations.

The new Dual Concentric drive assembly features a treated mid-bass cone and double rolled cambric surround for high sensitivity, as well as a 1.34” (34mm) aluminium dome with ferrofluid cooled Neodymium magnet assembly and a newly designed wave guide for the high frequency unit.
These two drivers seamlessly merge into one with the high frequency mounted in the throat of the mid-bass; coincidentally aligning both transducers to a point source. The result is a smooth, uniform response over a very controlled 90 degree coverage area – even in the highest octaves.

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