New from canford at PLASA

Canford is giving a PLASA debut to the new Tecpro Wireless handsets and TW403 wired to wireless interface and several other products.

The new Tecpro Wireless beltpacks offer full duplex operation and license-free operation in the UHF frequency band. The powerful new handsets can supply up to 200mW with a 400m max range and now benefit from a range of enhancements.

New features include, push to talk mode, adjustable side tone, fast channel change facility, selectable mic filter, PIN lockable feature locks off pages in the advanced menu.

The RTS BTR-240 system operates in the licence-free 2.4GHz frequency band and delivers full-duplex operation for up to 8 beltpacks with an almost unlimited number of half-duplex beltpacks. The system offers two separate audio channels allowing users to communicate on either or both channels. Talk and listen and listen-only modes are selectable on individual or both channels.
The BTR-240 wireless intercom system is suitable for stand-alone operation or can be directly interfaced to wired systems including RTS, Tecpro and Clearcom.

Also new to PLASA and only just launched are Canford’s ‘tour grade’ Cat 5 breakout boxes with 4 or 8 way, Cat 5 connectivity and CAT5 Multicore cables in 4 or 8 way versions.

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