New display control transmitter

Magenta Research has announced a new UTP/CatX distributive transmitter. The new model, called Octet, is optimised to deliver the display control and metrics desired in dynamic signage or "narrow-casting" applications.

Combined with Magenta's MultiView XR-2000 UTP/CatX receivers, WUXGA video, stereo audio and display-addressable control signals are distributed within a 2,000-foot (610 meter) radius from the source, with no repeaters or booster units. Multiple shorter-range receiver models are available, so the user only pays for the distance required. Octet features an advanced UTP/CatX transmitter that supports DDC and the Vista operating system, eight UTP outputs for signal distribution, and loop-through outputs for video, audio and EIA-232. These enable the units to be "cascaded" or connected in series, to provide additional outputs and flexibility. Companion receivers may be "daisy-chained" or linked together, while maintaining full display addressability.

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