New digital menu boards from Signagelive

New from digital signage provider Signagelive is Food Services Manager, which allows quick serve restaurant owners to create daily meal deals and display calorie counts and saturated fat levels.

The application gives restaurants the ability to instantly amend pricing information and create special meal deals.

It also enables them to clearly display nutritional information, such as calorie counts or saturated fat levels, so they are compliant with current standards or guidelines set on nutrition labelling.

Food Services Manager is fully compatible with Samsung’s Smart Signage Display range (powered by Signagelive) and removes the need for onsite media players, resulting in cost savings of up to 50 per cent per installation, as well as ongoing operational and energy savings.

It also eliminates the need to produce and wall-mount new graphics whenever there is a menu change or a price update, resulting in rapid ROI.

To use Food Services Manager, restaurant owners/managers send their existing menu graphics to Signagelive’s support team, who will reproduce the menu board in a digital format and create the corresponding data tables for storing the relevant information.

No previous experience in digital signage is needed. Using an intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) restaurant owners, managers or franchisees can upload nutritional information, update menu prices, and create special meal deals, depending on the time of day or customer type. They are able to manage their menu boards locally, centrally, or remotely via a device of their choice.

Food Services Manager can be used to run and manage a single display or multiple displays located in different outlets.