New DALI+ to deliver wireless lighting control

The DALI Alliance (DiiA) has introduced a new brand that sends DALI over wireless and IP-based networks.

The new brand, DALI+, builds on the proven and sophisticated DALI lighting-control features in wired (DALI-2 and D4i) options, and offers access to the same rich set of data from control gear, luminaires and sensors. Cutting out the wires, DALI+ devices communicate using existing DALI commands which are carried over a wireless and/or IP-based medium rather than the dedicated pair of wires used by DALI-2 and D4i.

A new DiiA Specification has been published, entitled ‘Part 104 Changes and Additions’, which supports DALI+ across different carriers and will lead to certification of interoperable DALI+ devices. DALI+ with Thread, a low-power, IP-based, wireless mesh networking protocol will be the first certification programme. Further DALI+ certification programmes utilising other carriers will follow.

In combination with a wireless carrier, DALI+ enables true wireless DALI, without any need to translate between protocols. Where access to DALI wired subnets or luminaires is required from the DALI+ wireless network, the new specification also supports bridges.

DALI+ is highly useful in commercial buildings. The new brand enables lighting solutions to easily scale to building-wide networks, and even across multiple buildings, by using new addressing features. Implementing IP-based networks into commercial buildings allows IT systems and building automation features, such as lighting controls, to operate on a common platform. This presents features such as end-to-end security, unlimted scalability, and easy connectivity to other applications. 

Sensors, controllers and luminaires can be connected through DALI+ networks, using existing features from the DALI protocol. In a data-rich environment, this enables real-time monitoring of energy and power usage, and access to diagnostics information for predictive luminaire maintenance. 

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