New configuration package for FSN switcher

Barco has introduced a new configuration package for its FSN Series switcher. PlusPAK is designed for the presentation needs of the events market and offers new Universal Output Cards, Multiviewer, DVE, and full 2.5 M/E control.

The hardware and software suite is comprised of four components: a new Universal Output Card (UOC), the system's new Multiviewer (MVR), a Digital Video Effects Card (DVE) and new software capable of controlling 2.5 M/E's from the compact FSN-150 Controller.

The first component in PlusPAK is the plug-in UOC, a dual-channel Athena scaler card that enables any assigned Aux bus to output DVI, Analog or SMPTE SDI signals at any format — regardless of the switcher's native resolution. Each UOC has two independent channels, and up to three can be installed for a total of six scaled outputs. With the ability to output digital and analogue simultaneously, users can select from a standard list of output formats, or create custom formats. Barco claims the UOC enables customers to route video to projectors, monitors, servers and even the client's VHS deck — without format restriction.

Secondly, the plug-in MVR, a fully integrated Multiviewer that eliminates the need for multiple external monitors and the associated wiring complexity. The MVR displays up to 16 video signals (PIPs) in either single- or dual-monitor modes, and all routing is internal to the FSN-1400 chassis for unrestricted access to all inputs and outputs. Multiple layouts are provided with full UMD (Under Monitor Display) and tally support, and when combined with the FSN's memory registers, user's can instantly switch between layouts and source configurations.

The third component is the plug-in DVE, a two-channel 2D digital video effects card that offers full keyframe editing, dynamic PIP sizing and positioning, programmable borders and shadows, plus freeze, strobe and colour effects. Up to two DVE cards can be installed, for a total of four DVE channels on line. In addition, the DVE interface includes a unique “shot box” that enables users to store up to 128 single-keyframe “looks,” for use on air individually, or combined into creative dual-keyframe effects.

Finally, a new software enhancement enables full control of the system's second M/E from the compact FSN-150 Controller. With one button, users can toggle the M/E bank between M/E 1 and M/E 2, providing full access to the system's 2.5 M/Es and five keyers.

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