New Auralex Ceiling Tiles

New Ceiling Tiles, from Auralex Acoustics, can be installed into new and existing drop and suspending ceiling grids, allowing for upgrades of in-room sound quality. Furthermore, Ceiling Tiles are designed to control ambient noise and reduce noise transmission.

The fabric-faced acoustical panels, which are available in standard ceiling grid sizes 23.875" x 23.875"x 1" and 23.875"x 47.875"x 1", can be customised in terms of size and thickness. With an overall Noise Ratio Coefficient (NRC) of .80, Ceiling Tiles are designed to control many common acoustical problems at a wide range of frequencies. Available in standard white and black options, the tiles are also available in custom colours, if requested.

Since the majority of drop ceilings are found in more commercial settings, being able to combine structural aspects of a project with acoustically functional materials is designed to save time and money for the installer and end-user.

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