Netipbox Technologies offers Covid-19 free digital content

Netipbox Technologies has begun offering freely accessible COVID-19 related digital for digital signage networks, forming a team to adapt COVID-19 information into a digital format.

Data is collected from official sources for different countries (WHO, the  health services of France and Portugal, Spanish ministry of health etc.) to make it freely accessible for digital signage networks in any sector. 

The content is designed to provide relevant data and instructions as well as visually appealing guides and advice to combat the pandemic in applications which are still open. 

Toni Viñals, CEO, Netipbox said: “We want to transfer our support to all those companies and institutions that need to transmit information to customers and users and find difficulties to do so, whether they are our customers or not. Therefore, we have also adapted the download of content on-premises so that they can be used under other platforms, and we have developed in record time the RRSS application to be able to publish the content directly on social networks.”

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