Netgear offers free Insight licenses

Netgear will offer a free one-year Insight subscription with the registration of a select list of Insight Managed switches, Insight Wireless Access Points and routers.

Netgear Insight is a remote network and device management platform, that offers set-up and management, using a cloud portal or the Insight mobile app. The Insight cloud-based application, designed for remote network management and provides a number of configurations and network scenarios, supporting basic networks, through to multi-tenancy and multi-roles. 

A range of Insight subscriptions are available including Insight Premium and Insight Pro. Netgear Insight supports discovery, configuration, and remote monitoring and management of Insight managed wireless access points, Insight managed switches, and routers. It is available from any connected device – desktop, laptop and mobile devices. 

Insight Pro offers additional multi-tenancy and multi-role configuration features and is suited to multi-office organisations, value-added resellers and managed service providers.

The free license offer applies to all devices added on or after April 27, 2020, for both new and existing Insight accounts. A full list of devices included can be found on the Netgear website. 

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