Netgear launches business router for remote workers

Netgear has debuted its insight managed business router, the BR200, designed for home or remote office workers to connect to another BR200 in the main office to access data residing on a secure office network.

The Netgear insight managed business remote worker is designed to protect networks with a secure ‘site to site’ VPN and firewall, operating through the insight cloud portal or mobile app. 

The router includes VLAN management and remote cloud monitoring and management from remote locations. The insight cloud mobile app, users can access full monitoring of security features, remote management of the router and real time VPN connection and security statuses of connected devices. 

The insight remote management router allows for analytics and controls of the business router hardware status, temperature, port speeds, CPU load, memory utilisation, IPSec VPN configuration and status, VLAN configuration WAN IP and DHCP server configuration. 

One WAN and four LAN gigabit Ethernet ports are also included alongside a LAN-to-WAN throughput of 924 Mbps. 

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