Netgear extends WiFi 6 range for SMEs

Netgear has announced the availability of the fourth member in its Insight Managed WiFi 6 Access Points, the Insight Managed WiFi 6 AX6000 Tri-band Multi-gig Access Point (WAX630), designed for small and medium businesses.

The tri-band access point brings next-generation premium WiFi 6 (802.11ax) performance to small and medium businesses (SMBs).

WAX630 interoperates with other Netgear Insight Managed Access Points, including the existing WiFi 5 (WAC510, WAC540) and WiFi 6 (WAX610, WAX610Y, WAX620) models. Additionally, WAX630 allows access points to be connected to each other using Instant Mesh2. The WAX 630 comes equipped with two Ethernet ports - one Gigabit Ethernet port and a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE++) 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet port. 

WAX630 is suitable for environments with open spaces where there is a need to provide WiFi connectivity to a large number of concurrent users such as schools, community colleges, mid-sized manufacturing facilities, warehouses and office premises of mid-sized companies.

WAX630 also supports 12-streams (4x4 on each band) with each unit capable of delivering up to 6.0 Gbps of aggregate data throughput with all three bands supporting WiFi 6.


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