Neets integrates with Barco ClickShare

Neets has announced integration between its control software and Barco Clickshare.

Designed to simplify meetings, Neets ‘Project Designer’ configuration software allows operators drag and drop ClickShare into projects.

The integration makes it possible to add functions such as switching on or off displays when plugging in the ClickShare Button.

The Neets control system detects when the ClickShare Button is plugged in through USB and trigger rooms automatic functions including power displays, source select, audio levels or presets and the initiation of video conferencing.

“We are very excited about this new feature and our goal is to make it easier for the presenter to start the meeting without any frustration about how to turn on the AV equipment. Every meeting room or huddle space with a ClickShare will easily upgraded with full room control with a Neets Control System,” says Michael Jarl Christensen, co-owner and CSO.

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