NEC unveils 4K UHD display range

NEC Display Solutions Europe is set to deliver a range of 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) displays and projectors with several additions to its portfolio.

Each boasting a 4K UHD resolution, a large venue projector (PH1201QL; 4,096x2,160 resolution) as well as an 84-inch (MultiSync X841UHD) and a 98-inch (MultiSync X981UHD) large format display with 3,840x2,160 resolution will join NEC's recently launched 4K UHD MultiSync EA244UHD monitor.

NEC says the PH1201QL is the world’s first compact 4K laser projector while the X841UHD and X981UHD large format displays set a landmark in image size and quality.

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