NEC launches UN Series of videowalls

NEC UN551S videowall

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched a range of new videowall displays for applications in digital advertising, transportation hubs, retail, and control rooms. The UN Series is available in 10 different models.

Every videowall features powerful calibration capabilities thanks to the integrated SpectraView engine, which enables users to make fine adjustments to picture quality to match individual demands and provides homogenous colour reproduction across each display and the entire wall.

The UN Series also provides readability, even in bright conditions, with up to 700cd/m2 brightness and an advanced anti-haze filter that eliminates reflections. A minimal inactive screen area eliminates distortion between individual screens.

Each model has been specifically designed to meet a range of user priorities, ranging from low lifetime costs for long-term, mission-critical applications, to the most vivid colour reproduction for uses such as advertising and entertainment.  

The first two models in the new UN Series videowall display range, UN462A and UN462VA, will be available from the beginning of February, and will soon make their public debut alongside two further displays – UN492S and UN552S – at ISE 2019, which takes place from 5 – 8 February at RAI Amsterdam.