NEC launches 4K RGB laser cinema projector

NEC Display Solutions has announced the availability of its flagship NC3540LS cinema projector with IPG Photonics’ fibre laser light source, a 4K RGB laser projector for cinemas with screens up to 32 metres width.

The NC3540LS projector delivers 35,000 lumens brightness. 

The projector head is connected via fibre cable to the light source system, giving cinemas the flexibility to install a projector head independently whilst benefiting from reduced fan noise.

High brightness level is scalable from 30 to 100 per cent, as well as supporting stacking options to double the brightness output. This makes the projector suitable for securing bright images for 2D and moreover 3D movies or different screen sizes.

The projector also comes with a range of connectivity options. These allow cinemas to also use the projector for non-cinematic activities such as company presentations or gaming events.

The NC3540LS projector is suitable for larger and special cinema screens, theme parks, rental and staging, virtual reality and industrial design.

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