NEC expands single board computer option cards

AUTHOR: Inavate

NEC Display Solutions Europe has expanded its single board computer option cards with two additions for digital signs in public venues.

The company has released STv2 with Intel Core i5 2.4GHz and STv2 with Intel Celeron Processor 1.86GHz, utilising Intel’s Open Pluggable Specification (OPS).

The recently launched PX Series projectors and NEC’s public displays that incorporate the OPS Slot offer flexibility for creative applications, particularly in situations where an external system would take up too much space. The OPS standard makes it simpler for player device manufacturers and display makers to develop products that are compatible out of the box, while offering the end user a large selection of solutions to choose from.

The STv2 cards are the first option cards from NEC based on Intel’s OPS, which is supported by NEC and several industry leaders in digital signage, along with Microsoft and the Taiwan Digital Signage Special Interest Group.

Displays such as the NEC X, P and V Series which support the new cards are designed to give users greater flexibility for application types and conceal all connectors, including power, video and audio signals, inside the displays. The smaller form factor enables integrated slot options in super-slim displays like the X461S and X551S.

IT administrators can use features such as Intel vPro Technology with Keyboard-Video-Mouse redirection to run diagnostic tests, install upgrades and view and control the digital display content remotely.