NEC Display Solutions launches NC3541L projector for large cinemas

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched the NC3541L, a high level brightness cinema laser projector for large screens.

It is the brightest cinema projector with 35,000 lumens output using red and blue (RB) laser technology. This technology provides cinema operators with a display solution for large format cinema installations up to 32-metres wide.

The NC3541L offers a new laser system features red and blue lasers paired with green phosphor to produce a rich colour spectrum.

This combination of both laser phosphor and RGB laser technologies delivers a projector with benefits in terms of cost, operational efficiency and image quality.

Central to the NC3541L is outstanding image quality, with full 4K resolution (4096x2160 pixel) support and a wide colour space that combines to deliver a homogeneous and contrast-rich laser image quality to showcase the latest 4K cinema content to its fullest extent.

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