NEC delivers its first dsRGB colour accurate LFD

NEC Display Solutions has announced the SpectraView 552, the first of its SpectraView series to provide life-size colour accurate images.

The SpectraView 552 is a 55-inch LCD monitor that supports applications requiring accurate colour reproduction.

It has a 10-bit look-up-table supporting the dsRGB colour space. SpectraView 552 adds daisy chaining capabilities, as well as a pair of 10W built-in speakers and NEC’s dual slot technologym, which allows for the integration of single board computers and other option slot products based on the current NEC and new NEC/Intel OPS standard without the need to stow external equipment.

Connectivity is enabled through a variety of analogue connection options, as well as DVI-D (with HDCP), HDMI and DisplayPort connectors.

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