NEC collaborates with Raspberry Pi

NEC Display Solutions has announced it will share an open platform modular approach with Raspberry Pi, enabling the integration of Raspberry Pi devices with its displays.

Raspberry Pi 3 will now integrate with NEC’s P and V Series large format displays as part of NEC’s Open Modular Intelligence (OMI) platform. The integration gives the displays easy access to embedded intelligence connected to Internet of Things (IoT) for digital signage and presentation use.

The newest Raspberry Pi 3 compute module features a quad-core 1.2GHz processor. In addition to the standard Raspberry Pi 3 compute module, NEC will also offer a customised model to meet the specific performance demands of displays.

“Our open platform approach provides display intelligence at any time, thanks to our modular and interchangeable design. Integrating the Raspberry Pis with our displays will provide businesses with advanced technology suitable for digital signage, streaming and presenting to enhance the overall visual experience at an affordable price point,” commented Stefanie Corinth, senior vice president marketing and business development at NEC Display Solutions Europe.

NEC’s range of format displays with Raspberry Pi connectivity will be launched in January 2017.

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