NEC adds V421 to MultiSync

NEC Display Solutions has added an entry level model to its public display series with the V421, a 42” widescreen display.

The V-series already comprises the MultiSync V321 (32”) and V461 (46”) public displays. The new display boasts an S-IPS panel with full HD resolution as well as professional features such as HDMI functionality and remote control via LAN or RS232.

The V421 is suited for applications that don't require continuous operation. The display is configured locally using the on-screen display or remotely via a LAN or using RS232 codes. The menus and control functions are very similar to those of the NEC Multeos and P-Series.

It also offers eco-features such as product design and quality components that enable low power consumption. User Controllable fans are automatically activated when the ambient temperature exceeds 40°C. Feet are only supplied as an option in order to optimise material use, since the majority of public displays are mounted directly onto the wall.

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