NEC adds 75-in LFD for mission-critical applications

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched its flagship 75-in version of its UHD MultiSync P Series displays, designed for a range of mission-critical applications.

The modular, scalable MultiSync P754Q display offers high brightness of 650 cd/m2 and an anti-reflective screen surface.

The 75-in screen is suitable for digital signage, public space advertising (DooH), passenger information in airports and rail stations, and in retail. Its colour-accurate performance makes it also suitable for media/post-production applications. It is designed for 24/7 operation so it also suitable for control room operations.

The P754Q features advanced settings of all relevant visual parameters – including brightness, colour, gamma and uniformity – via the Spectraview Engine.

The P754Q also incorporates NEC’s Open Modular intelligence (OMi), the platform that enables connections between source and display, to deliver digital signage. OMi enables users to deliver tailor-made content to their display, and upgrade the power of their display by integrating one of NEC’s OPS Slot-in PCs, Raspberry Pi compute modules, or signal interfaces for content feed and computing.

Users who want a display for outdoor and semi-outdoor areas can choose an IP56-protected custom-fit housing for the 75-in P754Q display. Available as a stand-alone totem or wall-mounted cabinet the housing protects the display from water impact, dust, theft and physical or external impact.

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